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Federal review stalled after finding forensic errors by FBI lab unit spanned two decades
Nearly every criminal case reviewed by the FBI and the Justice Department as part of a massive investigation started in 2012 of problems at the FBI la...
7/30/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Economy’s growth rate surges to 4 percent in second quarter
After suffering the sharpest contraction since the recession ended, the U.S. economy rebounded this spring, growing at a solid 4 percent annual rate, ...
7/30/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
President Obama’s impeachment is a fantasy — for both parties
President Obama is not being impeached....
7/30/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Economy rebounds strongly in 2nd quarter, expands at 4% annual rate
The U.S. economy rebounded strongly in the second quarter after a winter contraction, expanding at a 4% annual rate, the Commerce Department said Wedn...
7/30/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
Court blocks Mississippi from closing state's last abortion clinic
After a series of setbacks, abortion rights advocates claimed a small victory Tuesday after a federal appeals court blocked a law that would have clos...
7/30/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
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