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After Losses, Sanders Cuts Campaign and Cruz Retools
A day after losing badly in primary races, Senator Bernie Sanders said he would lay off hundreds of campaign workers, while Senator Ted Cruz picked Ca...
4/28/2016| Read More | (New York Times)
Clinton is the insider who’s surviving in the year of the outsider
In an election defined by anti-establishment energy and anger, the two parties are now diverging as Republicans fully embrace an outsider as their pre...
4/28/2016| Read More | (Washington Post)
U.S. economy slows, with GDP growing 0.5% in first quarter
The U.S. economy grew at its weakest quarterly pace in two years between the months of January and March, new government data showed Thursday morning....
4/28/2016| Read More | (Washington Post)
Lawmakers say they're fixing roads and fighting drugs and diseases. They just won't pay for it.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) delivered a stern warning recently as he urged support for legislation to combat skyrocketing drug abus...
4/28/2016| Read More | (LA Times)
Trump moves to middle in his speech on 'America First' approach to foreign policy
Delivering what his campaign billed as a major foreign policy address, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump staked out unusual territory ...
4/28/2016| Read More | (LA Times)
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