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Colleges Brace for Supreme Court Review of Race-Based Admissions
After the Supreme Court said it would revisit an affirmative action case from Texas, colleges expressed concerns about the potential costs of having t...
7/1/2015| Read More | (New York Times)
States Snub Execution Drug Approved by Supreme Court
Experts in lethal-injection law said some states were reluctant to turn to the drug in part because of its involvement in high-profile executions last...
7/1/2015| Read More | (New York Times)
Chris Christie is the GOP's most emotional candidate, but will the show get old?
Chris Christie’s political mentor does not like to be touched. Everyone close to Bill Palatucci knows this about him. They especially know that Palatu...
7/1/2015| Read More | (Washington Post)
Government exec who famously partied in a hot tub on taxpayers’ dime is sentenced to prison
Jeffrey Neely, the senior executive whose appearance in a video drinking wine in a hot tub at a Las Vegas hotel became the public face of a conference...
7/1/2015| Read More | (Washington Post)
Macy's cuts ties with Donald Trump ties
WASHINGTON — Donald Trump's presidential campaign is already making problems for his other business ventures, as Macy's announced Wednesday that it wi...
7/1/2015| Read More | (USA Today)
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