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Under Jeb Bush, housing prices fueled Florida’s boom. Then it all went bust.
BOCA RATON, Fla. — On the campaign trail, Jeb Bush has repeatedly emphasized his record overseeing Florida’s boom economy as the state’s governor. He ...
7/28/2015| Read More | (Washington Post)
Obama tells African leaders to loosen grips on power, and they cheer him anyway
President Obama urged African leaders from across the continent Tuesday to fight corruption, violence and human rights violations in a long and windin...
7/28/2015| Read More | (LA Times)
What's behind the frenzy of stunts, accusations among GOP candidates? The Aug. 6 debate
If a seeming midsummer madness has taken hold of the campaign, there's a method to it: Next week brings the first debate of the Republican primary sea...
7/28/2015| Read More | (LA Times)
Obama: Huckabee's 'oven' comment shows pattern of GOP's 'outrageous attacks'
President Obama inserted himself deeply into the election season from this remote locale on Monday, blasting the political rhetoric of Republican pres...
7/28/2015| Read More | (LA Times)
Congress questions oversight of biolab safety at hearing
Federal laboratories working with bioterror pathogens are “the leading offenders” repeatedly been referred for sanctions because of safety violations,...
7/28/2015| Read More | (USA Today)
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