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With an eye on 2016, Rand Paul takes his campaign-in-waiting to the operating room
Brothers Juan and Andres Hernandez traveled more than four hours here by bus for the chance to reunite with the man they call “Dr. Pablo.”...
8/22/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Islamic State can’t be beat without addressing Syrian side of border, top general says
Islamic State cannot be defeated without addressing “both sides of what is essentially at this point a nonexistent border” between Iraq and Syria, the...
8/22/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
DEA tightens controls on hydrocodone painkiller drugs
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is putting tighter controls on the nation's most widely prescribed narcotic painkiller in a move to stem an e...
8/22/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
Ferguson protests subdued and smaller as National Guard pulls out
As Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to begin withdrawing from this St. Louis suburb Thursday, the persistent protests over the polic...
8/22/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
Contraception, abstinence push U.S. teen birthrates to historic lows
The birthrate for American teens hit an all-time low in 2013, and government statisticians attribute the decline to a reduction in teenage sexual acti...
8/22/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
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