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Rift widens between Obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State
Flashes of disagreement over how to fight the Islamic State are mounting between President Obama and U.S. military leaders, the latest sign of strain ...
9/19/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Senate votes to approve Obama’s plan to fight Islamist militants
President Obama’s plan to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels exposed a deep rift Thursday among Democrats over waging war, with a large bloc of li...
9/19/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
House Republican campaign chief predicts midterm gains
The head of the House Republican campaign arm predicted Friday that the GOP will gain seats in November and he said that the ambitious goal he set in ...
9/19/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Internal effort announced to investigate Border Patrol abuses
In an effort to speed up inquiries into Border Patrol agents, the agency overseeing them will criminally investigate officers suspected of excessive u...
9/19/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
Air Force drops requirement to use 'So help me God' in oaths
There are no atheists in a foxhole, goes the old military saw, but there is a place for them in the Air Force, which has decided to make the words “So...
9/19/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
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