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Arizona execution lasts nearly two hours; lawyer says Joseph Wood was ‘gasping and struggling to breathe’
The execution of a convicted murderer in Arizona lasted for nearly two hours on Wednesday, as witnesses said he gasped and snorted for much of that ti...
7/24/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Some Republicans push compassionate, anti-poverty agenda ahead of 2016 contest
The last time Republicans began running for president, there was a race to be the most confrontational, the most unbending. Mitt Romney said he was a ...
7/24/2014| Read More | (Washington Post)
Arizona killer takes 2 hours to die, fueling lethal-injection debate
A convicted murderer in Arizona gasped and snorted for more than 90 minutes after a lethal injection Wednesday, his attorneys and witnesses said, dyin...
7/24/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
World crises drown out Obama's economic message for midterm election
As President Obama delivered a pitch to donors at a Democratic fundraiser Tuesday night, events forced him to change a key piece of his by now well-re...
7/24/2014| Read More | (LA Times)
Obama sends assessment team to border
The Obama administration has dispatched an assessment team to the Texas border to look at whether a deployment of National Guard troops would help ste...
7/24/2014| Read More | (USA Today)
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